0845 Local Rate

National Business 0845 Phone Numbers

An 0845 number is perfect for businesses looking to advertise both a professional and national presence. Connecting an 0845 number is free of charge and there is even the opportunity to earn revenue from your inbound calls.

We have thousands of memorable 0845 numbers to choose from so please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

Benefits of advertising an 0845 number

We’ve put together the key benefits of using of an 0845 number for your inbound business calls:

  • Build trust with potential customers by advertising both a national and professional image. This allows you to advertise outside your local area alongside the largest companies in the UK.
  • Accurately track all your incoming calls and gain a better understanding of how your business handles inbound calls through online call statistics
  • Instantly re-route the number where you receive inbound calls, whether this is a mobile or landline. Avoid missing important business calls due to natural disasters or staffing levels.
  • Keep the same business phone number forever, regardless of whether you move business premises.
  • A memorable number will ensure your customers remember your phone number